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Danielle Wilkinson

Danielle Wilkinson | Cranford, NJ

Artist Bio: My art directly reflects my spirituality. I feel the most in tune with my higher power and at peace when in nature. Photography provides an opportunity to capture and share some of my spiritual experiences. I have recently discovered a way to further this spiritual connection by creating digital mandala images. Each mandala is created from one of my captured images of nature.

My intention is to awaken this connection in all of us by creating these beautifully intricate images. My artwork is meant to evoke inner growth, awareness and peace. Each mandala has a way of drawing the viewer into the present moment and taking him/her on a journey. This journey can be visual, personal, spiritual or all of the above!

Photography is about capturing the moment. Meditation is about being in the moment. Spirituality is about being grateful for the moment.

Every living being and creation in nature is one. We are all connected. By taking a minute to recognize the binding spirit that resigns in all of us, we can tap into that universal heartbeat. The universal breath and rhythm that lives within all creatures and souls of this beautiful existence. Take a moment, stop, look, feel, breathe...

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