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Kat Villain

Kat Villain | Canada

Artist Bio: My art is informed by geometry and my yoga practice. Working in my body constantly reveals the cosmic proportions inherent within each of us. Knowing we are all designed impeccably leaves me in a constant state of awe, and in this state of reverence, of quiet, art moves through me. This comes out in the form of painting, drawing, writing poetry, yoga manuals, sanding and painting furniture that has been left in the dump. Anything I see abandoned I want to use to recreate anew, to reform into a refined version; just like the practice. Everything is a moment to moment choice to be a better person, and offer others that choice. Art to me is an expression of one's life. All we do is art if we do it mindfully, with intention and presence, and most of all love.

Between Yin & Yang

From $135.00 - $185.00

Summer Bloom

From $135.00 - $185.00

Align to Circumstance

From $135.00 - $185.00

Embodied Stardust

From $135.00 - $185.00

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