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Lex Avennture

Lex Avennture | Canada

Artist Bio: I am on an artistic mission to create a world within worlds. That is to say, to shine a light on the layers that exist around us, that perhaps aren't seen but felt. I strongly believe humans have lost touch with their magical selves so my art is my tool to express a little intensity, a little fun, some color, plenty of magic and a whole lot of heart. When I create, something deep down inside of me gets set on fire. My vision blurs, my heart ignites, my mind grows still, and my hands move swiftly. To get completely lost in creating something from nothing, is the greatest gift I've ever known. When I create I feel at am home with myself. From tophats, to paintings, to drawings, and everything in between, the Avennture continues. Much Love and Keep Creating.

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