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Michael Garfield

Michael Garfield | Austin, TX

Artist Bio: Michael's live art is the evolution of his training as a scientific illustrator: a field guide to the strange inhabitants of hyperspace invoked by the ecstatic atmospheres of concerts, festivals, and other live events. Each work emerges as an exercise in mindfulness and a response to the unique tone of a place and time – casting shadows of a moment's shifting energies to capture vivid scenes of unabashed intensity, verdant and exultant imagery erupting from a fractal growth of calligraphic paint pen strokes and written in the archetypal tongue of dreams.

Since 2007, Michael has painted in a legendary range of situations – from raging basement clubs to NASA's Ames Research Center to the Australian outback – day and night, onstage and off, and often alongside the legendary artists Alex & Allyson Grey, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Mark Henson, Android Jones, Amanda Sage, Oliver Vernon, Mars-1, Chris Dyer, J Garcia, David Hale, and others.

In addition to countless festival appearances, he has logged thousands of hours on easel at live art residencies in Boulder, Denver, Phoenix, Kansas City, New Orleans, and Austin.

Good Kitten

From $135.00 - $185.00

Tunnel to the Moon

From $135.00 - $185.00

The Garden of Eden

From $135.00 - $185.00

Queen of the Divide

From $135.00 - $185.00

The Soul of Night

From $135.00 - $185.00

Danny's Document

From $135.00 - $185.00

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