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Yogi approved & eco-friendly. Great for all styles of yoga.

  • 100% natural rubber base provides max grip to the floor
  • No-slip, microfiber material engineered to maximize traction, cushion & support.
  • Sweat activated grip that increases with sweat and moisture
  • Eco-friendly - mats created from a recyclable, renewable, biodegradable, 100% natural rubber base
  • Easy to clean with a soft cloth, water and mild soap. Hang or layout to dry.
  • Absolutely NO PVC

Artist: Michael Garfield | Austin, TX
About This Design: "Once we abandon this obsessive fanaticism of absolute complete knowledge, we can continue on with our process of discovery without the headache of a deadline.Ó Ð Henry Warwick "Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd." Ð Voltaire Well, we all lived through the long-anticipated 2012 Winter Solstice and civilization's first encounter with the cosmic inflection point: on December 21st, our Sun aligned with black hole Sagittarius A* at the heart of our galaxy. A lot of people thought something crazy was going to happen, myself included...but it seems increasingly clear that the ride is just getting started.

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