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Shawn Flanigan

Shawn Flanigan | Ireland

Artist Bio: Shawn Flanigan is an artist based in Cork, Ireland. Shawn’s designs are an exploration of shape, colour and the underlying geometry of the universe. Each design invokes the symmetry that is found in nature all around us and is hamonized through striking colour patterns that touch the entire colour spectrum. Our subconcious minds naturaly draw us towards this symmetry and pattern.

Shawn has spent a number of years researching and studying sacred geometry, cymatics and fractal mathematics and all these disciplines have helped him in creating these colourful and intricate designs. These kinds of designs are now rapidly emerging across the world as people are rediscovering these ancient principles.

Most of these designs in there entirety are made from a single basic shape like a triangle, square or a curved line. The shape is then given colour, texture and geometrical principles are used to flip, spin and merge them together to create these complex and dynamic patterns. A few mandalas are made from photographs of nature, space or crystals using the same techniques as described above. These mandalas can be used as focal points to clear the mind and aid in meditation and concentration. Different colours and shapes will resonate strongly with different people. When used on clothes, the designs can create positive moods because of their nature, shape, color and vibrational properties. When used as prints, these mandalas can also be used to create a harmonious space within any room.

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